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We were the first! BrownHerron Publishing invented the concept of e-columns on

An e-Column? An e-Column is a short, provocative, insightful commentary by a leading-edge thinker that appears monthly or bi-monthly and is only available on They are attractively priced at only $1.95 per column.

To learn more: You can learn more about e-Columns -- while learning about the focus and mission of each e-Columnist -- by quick-scanning the e-column profiles that follow. Or simply download "What Is A BrownHerron e-Column?"

To find e-Columns by these authors: simply go to and type in the author's last name in the search box provided on the page. You can also go to the same page, type in "e-Doc" to see all columns by all authors.

You may e-mail the author. Just click on his or her name. A link to the author's website is included if it provides more information about his or her e-Columns.

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Oren Harari "Time To Lead!"
Oren is Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Business, University of San Francisco; a consultant; and the author or co-author of The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell, Beep! Beep! Competing In the Age of the Road Runner, and Leapfrogging the Competition. In his series, he challenges leaders to reinvent the way they manage their enterprises to capitalize on the challenges and opportunities of the New Millennium marketplace.

Sylvia Holladay-Hicks "The Leading Edge Of Education"
Sylvia is a college professor and administrator; consultant, business owner; and the author of many college texts, including The Bedford Guide for College Writers. In this series, she examines conventional practices and accepted traditions of current education and suggests other ways of seeing, thinking, and acting in order to teach more efficiently and learn more effectively.

Bill Jensen "Radical Simplicity"
Bill, a consultant in communications and change, is the author of Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage in a World of More, Better, Faster and Work 2.0: Rewriting the Contract. In this series, he explores how to simplify your work and your life in order to be more efficient and, thus, more effective.

Debbe Kennedy "On A Woman's Path" [website]
Debbe is founder and president of the Leadership Solutions Companies, a women-owned and -operated enterprise specializing in leadership and organizational communications; she's also the author of Breakthrough!: Everything You Need to Start a Solution Revolution and Diversity Breakthrough! In this series, she presents real-life experiences of women to provide examples and personal inspiration.

Leslie Kossoff "Executive Horizon" [website]
Leslie is an international executive advisor and a former associate of W. Edwards Deming; she is also the author of Executive Thinking and Managing for Quality. In this series, she offers a no-holds-barred view of what executives and managers need to know to quickly and successfully move from thought to execution to sustainable growth and profits.

Judi Neal "On The Edge"
Judi is Executive Director of The Association for Spirit at Work, a membership organization that supports personal and organizational transformation; she is also the author of a forthcoming book, Beyond Profit and Prophets: Creating Inspired People, Teams, and Organizations. In this series, she explores the intersection of the material world and the invisible or spiritual world and shows how they affect the workplace.

John Nirenberg "A Decent Profit"
John is Chair, Leadership and Personal Development at Shinawatra University in Thailand; he's also the founding Dean of Doctoral Studies at the University of Phoenix as well as the author of Power Tools: A Leader's Guide to the Latest Management Thinking and The Living Organization: Transforming Teams Into Workplace Communities. In this series, he focuses on the difficult issues involved in corporate social responsibility.

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