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Frequently Asked Questions By Authors


That's a good question! Since BrownHerron Publishing regularly works with dozen of authors to post their e-Docs as quickly as possible, we thought it helpful to take the most-asked author questions and address them on one page.

Is there a source for more information? Yes. provides a special page for publishers with questions about the e-Doc process. Authors can also log onto "e-Documents: Our Top Publisher Questions."

But I can't find an answer to my question in print! No problem. Just send a special query to the BrownHerron editors. We'll get back to you ASAP. Click here to send a special question.

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01. What are BrownHerron's style guidelines?

First, you should be aware that we have a Step-By-Step Guide that you can refer to. Secondly, we will be glad to send you our style guidelines in an e-mail with a "live" e-Doc that you can also study before preparing your own e-Doc(s) for submission.

Fundamentally, all BrownHerron e-Docs should be submitted in the latest version of Microsoft Word®, using Times New Roman 14 pt. type for the body font, and Arial font (if desired) for contrasting headlines and subheadlines.

02. I see the term "RTP." What does it mean?

BrownHerron Publishing does not design or lay out e-Docs; we accept them for publication, edit them (lightly), catalog them, and post them onto It is the author's responsibility to submit e-Docs that are "RTP: Ready To Publish."

03. Will a BrownHerron editor help me with my first e-Doc?

Of course. That's usually the best way to go as it provides you a "personal template" which you can use to generate more e-Docs in the future.

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04. I've submitted my e-Doc. Now what?

First, please note that all approved-for-submission e-Docs must be received by us no later than the 15th of the month. Within 7-10 days, usually, BrownHerron will edit and convert your e-Doc to Adobe Acrobat(r) PDF format. We always provide the author with a final version of his or her e-Doc before it posts on

05. I have my final e-Doc, but I don't see it showing anywhere on Why is that?

BrownHerron tries to post new documents every Monday night, as possible. It can take anywhere from 7-21 days for a new e-Doc to show on Normally, we notify all authors when their new e-Doc first shows on Amazon.

06. My e-Doc is showing on Amazon, but I don't see the image of the doc nor the catalog description.

Not to worry. But this problem could take time to resolve. As you can imagine, Amazon must keep track of thousands and thousands of items that they offer for sale. Books and e-Docs are only a fraction of their offerings. As a result, Amazon's computers do not always "build" the full display (title, price, item image, catalog description) for each and every item right away. It can often taken 7-14 days, or more, AFTER first posting a new e-Doc for the image of the e-Doc, or other related text, to show. After a month, if key items are still missing from new postings, BrownHerron can (and has) requested that Amazon do a special re-build of our entire catalog. This has always resolved such problems in the past.

07. I just found a mistake in my e-Doc! I need to correct my e-Doc! Help!

One of the great things about electronic publishing is that it is possible to make corrections instantly. Just advise the editors at BrownHerron of what you need to correct and we can usually handle the matter pronto. Once a new PDF of your e-Doc has been posted to Amazon (usually on the Monday following your submitted correction), all buyers of that e-Doc will be able to download the corrected version.

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08. My e-Doc is now for sale on Amazon and I have the final version of the PDF. May I sell this e-Doc on my own website as well? May I freely give it to clients and others who might be interested in reading this e-Doc?

Under our Author's Agreement, authors may share printed copies of their e-Doc(s), but they have promised to not sell, post, or distribute the electronic version of their BrownHerron e-Doc(s) except through

09. Can I use my e-Doc as part of a future book or as an article for a periodical?

Of course. All authors own full copyright to the material they submit as an e-Doc. However, if the same material in a BrownHerron e-Doc is published in a book or periodical, authors should take special note of the fact that the electronic rights to the material contained in the e-Doc have already been assigned to BrownHerron Publishing. The same material used in an e-Doc we publish may not be electronically issued by any other publisher.

10. BrownHerron Publishing has hundreds and hundreds of e-Docs by a lot of great authors. As one Author Member, can I access all of the e-Docs in the BrownHerron catalog without having to go to Amazon and pay for them? What if I want to use another Author Member's e-Doc in a book or article I'm writing, giving full credit to the author in my own writing? Can I freely acquire e-Docs from the BrownHerron catalog for legitimate research purposes?

BrownHerron Publishing always wants to help its Author Members. However, when we co-sign an Author's Agreement, we only acquire the rights to sell an author's e-Docs on Thus, we don't have the right to distribute an author's e-Doc(s) any other way.

Of course, most authors would like to think that other authors would buy their e-Doc, just as they might purchase another author's book. This helps all authors by boosting sales ranks and by increasing their royalties. It's a true win-win.

Wanting to cite an e-Doc in your own writing is a special case.

Since each author holds the copyright to his or her e-Docs, the best way to address special research needs like this is to contact the e-Doc author directly, explain your needs, and ask if he or she will send you a printed copy of their e-Doc on a special privilege basis. This is easy to do:
all BrownHerron authors can be contacted by e-mail simply by clicking on their name on our e-Authors page. For any e-Doc that carries the byline of "The Editors of BrownHerron," these research requests should be directed to the Editor at

Should an author freely share his or her e-Doc with you, we would ask you to pay special note to the fact that the e-Doc you receive is a commercial product for sale on Amazon. By common agreement, the e-Doc you received for research purposes should not be posted on any website nor redistributed electronically or in printed form. Thanks for you special caution on this!

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11. When does BrownHerron report on sales? When does BrownHerron pay royalties?

Tracking and reporting sales information about e-Docs is difficult. BrownHerron receives official sales reports from Amazon 60 days after the end of each month. So, for e-Doc sales in May (for example), we find out in early August. Given the number of authors we work with, it's just not possible to provide detailed sales information other than when we issue royalty checks, which occurs in April and September.

12. I don't see a sales rank number on my e-Doc on Amazon. What's wrong?

Not a thing. Amazon does not place a sales rank number on any e-Doc until at least one copy of the document has been sold. Relatedly, we have found that only a handful of sales (12 or fewer) can dramatically alter the sales rank position of an e-Doc. As the "e-Doc revolution" continues to evolve, and higher volumes of e-Docs sell, it will require more sales to move an e-Doc higher in its ranking.

13. How can I boost the sales ranking of my e-Doc(s)?

While BrownHerron does some promotion of e-Docs, mainly via the BrownHerron storefront on Amazon, the most effective sales and marketing comes from the author. Mentioning e-Docs via e-mail campaigns, website announcements, and from the speaker platform has been shown, time and again, to be the most effective way for an author to boost his or her sales ranking.

14. I've heard others in BrownHerron use the term "SNP." What is that?

From time to time, and purely at Amazon's discretion, e-Docs by BrownHerron and other e-Publishers are spotlighted by mention in an e-mail announcment sent by Amazon. This is called an "SNP" (Single New Product) announcement, which goes to thousands of Amazon readers.

15. I see that my e-Doc is listed on "best-selling" lists, either on the BrownHerron storefront or on some other page on Amazon. Is that significant?

Yes, it is. Best-selling status on is determined by how well your e-Doc is selling compared to all others in their e-Doc inventory. If you should sell, for example, 10 copies of your e-Doc in one day, that could make it a best-seller compared to other e-Doc sales for the period of time that the listing counts (day/week/month/etc.). It is impossible to tell how well your e-Doc is selling until official sales reports are received by BrownHerron, which is why we report sales twice each year. But anytime your e-Doc achieves "best-seller" status, it is good news!

16. I promoted my e-Doc to a select list of clients and friends, and I just heard that one of them is having a hard time downloading my e-Doc. Will BrownHerron get involved by reporting this to Amazon and making sure the customer successfully obtains the purchased e-Doc?

BrownHerron is only one of many e-publishers on Amazon. We provide top-quality e-Docs for Amazon to sell. Each month, Amazon sells thousands of e-Docs to customers who successfully order, pay for, and download their selections. All in all, we receive only a few complaints each year about downloading problems involving our e-Docs.

Thus, on issues like this,
we recommend that the customer contact Amazon directly. Given the myriad reasons why one customer may be experiencing special purchase or download problems, it's simply beyond our scope as a publisher of e-Docs to provide technical support for Amazon's sales or download process.

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